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Fleet Map
See the most recent locations of your fleet on the map. Hover the mouse over a vehicle to see time, location, and speed information.

Vehicle History Report
A detailed reporting of your vehicle's driving history. Start time, stop time, stop location, miles driven, max speed, idle time, and stop length per trip.

Where is Car 54? Use Ping to retreive current location and speed on demand.

Location Landmarking
Create and maintain a listing of locations that your vehicles visit often so that they are easy to identify when you pull a report.

Travel Log
View a vehicle's stops with breadcrumb routing on the map to get a clearer picture of their day.

Vehicle Groups
Group vehicles for simplified management. View a group at a time or restrict users' access to a specific group.


Reports that keep you informed of vehicle history

Our reports paint a clearer picture of your driver’s day than what he may be willing to tell you.
Ask yourself these questions about your drivers:
  • What time did he start his day?
  • What time did he arrive?
  • How fast did he drive?
  • Which route did he take?
  • How many miles were driven?
  • How long was he there?
  • Was the truck left idling? For how long?
VentureGPS will answer these questions and more.
Some of our reports:
  • Detailed Vehicle History
  • Exceptions (Filtered View)
  • Event History
  • Location Frequency
  • Mileage by State
  • Idling
  • Speed Violations
  • Timecard
  • and more...


As much fun as it would be to sit at the computer and watch your vehicles move on the map all day long, we realize that not everyone has that kind of free time.

Alerts will notify you when your vehicles meet some criteria that needs your attention. You can configure to be alerted when:

  • unit powerups
  • exesscive idling
  • speeding
  • off hours usage
  • first departure of the day
  • driving into or out of a defined area


Real-time Tracking Options

Our real-time products transmit their data direct to our servers, live as it happens. These units can be pinged to report their current location on-demand.
*Real-time units utilize cell networks and have a monthly fee

The XR2004V is our easiest to install unit. Just plug it into your vehicle's OBDII port under the dash and you are good to go.

The XR2001V is a straightforward install. It is hardwired into your vehicle's power, ignition, and ground lines.



XR4500 Asset Tracking

The XR4500 is an ultra low power GPRS modem with integrated GPS, makes this compact tracking and control device with rechargeable battery controller perfect for use on high-value assets with inconsistent power access.



VentureGPS is a GPS vehicle tracking solution for both real-time and passive tracking units.

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